Workshops are a terrific way to expand your knowledge base while gaining from the experience of others and sharing your own expertise. Many participants find the added value of interacting with their peers over the course of a workshop to be a worthwhile experience in its own right. Our workshops are designed to be interactive, engaging and can be tailored to a wide range of experience levels. Below is a list of popular topics and upcoming events, but don't hesitate to contact us with your own ideas!

Workshops Offered

Principles of Holistic Management

This is our introduction to Holistic Management. In this course we provide an overview of the key elements of HM including decision-making, understanding the connection between profitability and ecological processes, financial management and managing people.

Planning for Profit

This workshop focuses entirely on financial management and planning. The key to profitability lies in planning for a profit rather than hoping one pencils out at the end of the year.

Planned Grazing

Planned grazing goes a long way toward sustaining your land and your financial well-being over the long run. Our Planned Grazing workshop will help you maximize your natural resource strengths and take advantage of every opportunity to ensure the long-term ecological and economic productivity of your operation.

Land Planning & Management

Planning for land health is another critical element in sustaining the long-term financial and ecological well-being of any land-based enterprise. This workshop will help you identify the keys to successful land planning and management for your property into the future.

Making Better Decisions

Decision-making is a highly undervalued element of ranching and land management businesses. The process of making strategic, informed, logical decisions is not as intuitive as one might think yet the process you use to make decisions has a huge impact on the success of your business over time. This workshop focuses on the elements of good decision-making and will help you streamline your operation and management to run a more efficient business over time.

Business Planning

A good business plan is an essential element to long-term stability in a world where market and environment variability are a given. Whether you're just starting out, considering new ways to diversify your operation or have been in the business for years, this workshop will help you ask and answer the right questions to make sure that you are focusing your time and resources in the right places at the right times.

Dealing with Drought

Drought is an severe reality for an increasing number of ranchers. Surviving a drought starts with good planning well before the drought begins and continues well beyond the end of a drought. In this workshop, you will learn how to plan for, manage during and manage after drought.

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Upcoming Workshops

January 7-10, 2020 Sieben Live Stock Co

Course was held has planned.  13 people attended and learned how to practice Holistic Management.  Cooper Hibbard demonstrated how he uses cows to regenerate the health of the land.  Expect to be teaching another seminar here next winter, stay tuned.  

January 27-30, 2020 in Mitchel, SD

the South Dakota Grassland Associiation is sponsoring this seminar.  ROLAND KROOS  &  PATRICK TOOMEY
Come learn how to create a more profitable business through the use of Holistic Resource Management principles from Roland Kroos and Patrick Toomey of Crossroads Ranch Consulting. Join us to learn more about holistic decision making to improve the health of your land, animals, and your overall quality of life.   Require  a $200 deposit to reserve you seat at this school.  


February 10-13, 2020 (cancelled)

South Dakota Grassland Association -- Holistic Management Seminar in Wall, SD

February 18-21, 2020

This Holistic Management seminar will be taught at the Perry Ranch, east of Clearmont, Wy.   The Perry have been practicing Holistic Management for over 30 years.  Learn how they have improved the health of the land, increased profitability, and made ranching fun again.  If you would more information, click here to see the brochure for this seminar.   Registration Deadline for this seminar is February 7th. 2020.

March 3--6, 2020 (Sold Out -- Registration full)

Discover the Keys to Successful Bison (livestock) and Land Management Seminar.  Seminar will be taught at the Durham Ranch and you will get to see a herd of approximately 1,500 head of bison grazing in a pasture.  How does a herd of this size benefit the land?  For more information about the benefits and details of this seminar click here. 

March 16-18, 2020

Sharpen your Grazing Skills and ability to create a well thought out Holistic Grazing Plan.  We will also spend one whole day helping you create a new land plan that shows where you plan to build fences, water developments, etc..   To get more information Click here.

Custom On-site Seminars in your Community

If you can gather 12 or more of your friends, neighbors, family and associates in one location I can teach a Holistic Management seminar in your location.   We can help you with promotion material and would be willing to put on a 2-3 hour overview workshop on the benefits of Holistic Management.   I willing to teach this seminar anywhere in the western US.   Send us an e-mail or give us a call if you would like to setup such a seminar in your community.

December 9-12, 2019 (Taught as planned)

SD Fish, Game and Parks - Holistic Management seminar

This custom seminar is being presented to various wildlife biologist and technicians with SD Fish, Game, and Parks.  this seminar is not open to the public.  25 people attended this seminar.

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