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Documenting change --

How healthy is your land?


Rangeland monitoring is the key to making timely, informed decisions about ranch management. In the absense of monitoring data it is much more difficult to catch negative trends in land health before they get expensive or spiral out of control. By monitoring the right indicators of land health we can determine whether our decisions are improving or hindering our goals for long-term land health (and therefore productivity and profitability).


Whether you are looking for someone to help you set up a monitoring plan or you want to outsource the entire task, we can help! We work with a wide range of clients from family to corporate and small to large to help make sure each operation has the information it needs to make smart management decisions. If you need help monitoring or just want to ask some questions, contact us.

Durham Ranch Monitoring photos:

Transect 23 in

River Pasture

Photos document change from 2002 thru 2014.


Can you document the same success on your ranch?


Do you know how your grazing management is affecting land health?


I can help you determine:

  • Where on your ranch you are going to get the best feedback for management.

  • How many monitoring sites you should establish.

  • Help you interprete the changes from year to year.

  • Provide a third party review that is not biased.

  • Help you understand what land management strategies are best to create the change you desire.

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