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We are a small, family owned and operated ranch consulting business based in Bozeman, Montana. Established in 1992, we have been helping ranchers become more profitable land stewards for 23 years. We rely on the principles of Holistic Resource Management as a foundation to help our clients thrive financially, ecologically and socially.
Roland Kroos
Co-owner and Principle HM Educator / Consultant

Roland has been providing on-site assistance as well as teaching Holistic Management since 1986. He trained extensively with Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management, in 1985 and is a recognized Certified Educator with Holistic Management International.


In the last 32 years, Roland has helped hundreds of ranches throughout the western United States and Canada become healthier and more productive. He has witnessed the striking potential for positive change that can take place on landscapes and within operations with a little commitment to better planning and managing whole systems.

Roland has a degree in Range and Wildlife Management from the University of Nebraska.  Prior to college, Roland spend most of his youth growing up on a farm along the Platte River valley.  After graduating college, Roland worked for the NRCS for 8 years in Nebraska and Washington state.


Roland and his wife, Brenda, live in Bozeman, Montana with their faithful black lab, River.  When not working for Crossroads, you might find Roland skiing on a downhill slope, on a hiking trail in the mountains, or sitting in a brewery enjoying a cold one.

Brenda Kroos
Co-owner and Office Manager

Brenda has been involved with Crossroads Ranch Consulting since its inception in 1992. Over the years she has attended many of the Holistic Management courses and can certainly carry on a conversation with you about the benefits of each one. Starting only part-time with the company, her position has grown into full-time work over the years. Brenda is the office manager as well as the bookkeeper for several of Crossroads’ clients. This involves receiving invoices and entering them into QuickBooks, printing and mailing checks, reconciling accounts and entering information into the Holistic Management Expense and Income worksheet. 


Brenda comes from a military background and her college education was in Dental Assisting/Business. She considers herself a life-long learner and is always interested in learning a new skill. Brenda enjoys several hobbies: sewing, gardening and reading. Spending time with her family is a true blessing and gift.


Brenda is available to answer questions about QuickBooks, the HM Worksheet or any other information you would need from Crossroads Ranch Consulting.  


We are a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions, and realize success! If you are looking for help in making your land healthy and your operation profitable, let's visit.

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