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Precision Ag for the Livestock Industry:

Maia Grazing is an easy to use, online grazing management tool that helps ranchers maximize their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risk when it's tough. This is the gamechanging software the grassfed livestock industry has been waiting for! Crossroads Ranch Consulting is proud to be the first to offer this software in the U.S. We recommend Maia to our clients because, when grazing records are recorded in Maia's database in the Cloud, it allows us to review our clients grazing history/plan, current livestock inventory and rainfall data with the click of a button, enabling us to make informed management recommendations.

  • Interactive grazing planning and forecasting.

  • Digital graze charts - no more paper

  • Simple livestock inventory management.

  • Pasture, stock & rainfall analytics

  • Instant gross production analysis

  • Understand your true carrying capacity

  • Make informed decisions faster

  • Optimise production

  • Save time

  • Mapping with grazing data overlays

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