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Crossroads Ranch Consulting offers a variety of services designed to meet your needs. We are interested in working with you and your team to make your enterprise or organization, and the land upon which you depend as healthy and profitable as possible. Follow the links below to learn more about the services we provide.



​We offer a variety of consulting services tailored to address our clients' most critical challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Learn more...



If you are interested in expanding your expertise, exploring new strategies for land, livestock and financial management, or honing the skills and knowledge of your entire team, then check out our workshop opportunities or contact us to set one up!

Keynote -- Public Speaking


If you need someone to speak at an upcoming conference on the successes of Holistic Management or need someone to inspire, create a can do attitude for your upcoming conference, please contact us.  Whether you need someone to kick-off your event with a 90 minute keynote or something more structured towards a specific topic or outcome, please give us a shout. 



We recognize that some meetings or conversations benefit from the type of structure and objective guidance that only a good facilitator can provide. Our staff offers skilled facilitation services for family, team and multi-stakeholder meetings.



We help ranching communities take their leadership and collaboration to the next level with our HM in Motion program. If you are looking for an innovative and inexpensive approach to improving your operation, sharing ideas, and strengthening your community ties, consider starting or joining an HM in Motion Council. Learn more...


We want to thank you for your wonderful KeyNote presentation given on March 17, 2017 at our Wildrose Bison Convention.  Your inter-active talk was so well received and relayed a great deal of useful and pertinent information.  It was so great to see the enthusiasm for you that was entended by the 180 people that were in attendance.  I was told many times "I could listen to him all day."

Roger Van Haren

Chairman,  Bison Producer of Alberta


“Just do it! you will not believe how it will open your mind to change with an economical soundness to it.”

Darrell Meister, Financial Advisor and Buffalo Owner, Hawaii

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